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Oleksii Popov

Expert Software developer at TomTom
Amsterdam, Netherlands
I speak English, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch (A2)


I am a skilled software developer with 11 years of experience in web technologies. I am passionate about developing user-friendly products and have a track record of designing and implementing full-stack solutions, combining frontend, cloud native, and backend areas. My expertise lies in the architecture and development of high-scale single page applications, UI libraries, and SDKs, as well as in the implementation of CI/CD, hosting, and distribution solutions.

I am proficient in TypeScript and JavaScript across all stacks and use them whenever possible. However, I am also experienced in maintaining projects in other languages such as Java and PHP.

I am enthusiastic about optimizing applications for improved runtime and faster loading speeds, both for existing projects and new ones.

I am looking for an opportunity to build a distributed, remote, asynchronous, and self-sufficient team around an exciting project.


Architecture and development of high scale single page applications, UI libraries and SDK's, microservices and their infrastructure. Application optimization for higher runtime and loading speed and scalability
Good knowledge of object-oriented principles, design patterns, data structures
Leading development of high quality technical solutions, cross-team collaboration, technical interviews, mentorship, code refactoring and review, unit/integration tests. Defining the vision, development strategy and priorities for technologies in projects
Programming languages
Advanced knowledge of JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, SCSS. Basic knowledge of Java SE, PHP
Frameworks & libraries
React/Redux/Saga, NodeJS, vanilla js, Serverless, Express JS, Storybook, whatever makes sense :)
Jest, Mocha, Selenium, Cucumber
Other technologies
"Infrastructure as a code" with AWS CDK, SDK and Serverless
Bundlers like Webpack, Rollup and Grunt
CLI tools like Lerna and NPM
Log collectors like Kibana, Elastic, Sumologic, Scalyr, NewRelic
Various CI/CD setups like TeamCity, Jenkins, self-written cloud solutions
Static linters and platforms like ESList, prettify, SonarQube/Cloud
CMS like Wordpress and Netlify
Performance analysers like and Lighthouse

Work history (11 years 3 months)

March 2021 - Now
(2 years 3 months)
Expert Software Developer
TomTom (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
React, Redux, Thunk, Typescript, Docker, nodejs, scss, jest, AWS, aws-cdk, aws-sdk,, Grafana, Storybook, Java, Selenium, GitHub actions
Designed and developed the core part of a new route planning single page application - (public beta). It is a React PWA with pre-rendering, lazy loading, localization, hot module reloading etc
Started development of the new web SDK for TomTom public services and it's distribution infrastructure.
Designed and implemented a micro-frontend app for convenient exploration of numerous library demo apps
Implemented a microservice for authentication and it's infrastructure
Supported and improved AWS CI/CD system for
Added feature branches support for a high concurrency automation testing infrastructure of with feature branch matching between projects
Implemented performance testing dashboard for the existing performance metric collection system
January 2019 - March 2021
(2 years 2 months)
Senior Software Developer
TomTom (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
React, Redux, Saga, Typescript, Docker, nodejs, scss, jest, AWS, Serverless, aws-cdk, aws-sdk,, Grafana, Storybook, Express JS, Java, Selenium
Designed and developed significant part of a next generation mobile friendly Road Trips single page application with pre-rendering, server-side rendering, lazy loading, localization, hot module reloading etc. This project was cancelled :( , but re-born in a new route planning web app -
Implemented AWS CI/CD system with feature branches support for the web app
Initiated and implemented basis of reusable UI and SDK npm libraries and their distribution infrastructure with feature branches support. That accelerated and simplified collaboration between mobile and web development teams
Implemented high concurrency automation testing infrastructure for the web app that minimized execution time of Selenium java tests from 2 hours to 3 - 5 minutes. Also integrated it with existing CI/CD of the web app.
Implemented POC of basic performance testing analysis for web app and infrastructure in AWS, which became a part of regular team workflow.
Implemented microservices for logs proxying, runtime configuration delivery, CI/CD etc and their infrastructure
Implemented POC of realtime technical log monitoring system which became a part of team workflow
Developed a POC service with backend side map rendering
April 2016 - December 2018
(2 years 8 months)
Software developer / Senior software developer
Albelli (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Vanilla js, typescript, scss, nodejs, google-closure-library, mocha, Java, Grunt, Selenium
Participated in development and maintenance of online photo editors and hybrid mobile application
Developed different tools for debugging, logging and fixing customer issues
Set up code quality monitoring system
March 2013 - March 2016
(3 years)
JavaScript Developer
Insoft Global (Ukraine)
Sencha ExtJS, scss, nodejs, Java
Participated in front end and server side development of cloud management platforms, energy management and infrastructure management platforms.
Implemented POC of a hybrid mobile application
Code review, code refactoring, technical interviews, mentorship
July 2012 - March 2013
(8 months)
JavaScript Developer
Vanilla js, jquery, css etc.
Participated in front end development of a Next Wave Logistics (e-commerce project)
January 2012 - July 2012
(6 months)
Junior PHP Developer
Simple Solutions
PHP, MySQL, LAMP, WordPress, Vanilla js, jquery, css etc.
Developed numerous websites using Wordpress and OpenCart. Implemented plugins, widgets and themes for Wordpress.
Preliminary project analysis. Tasks estimation. User guides writing
August 2011 - January 2012
(5 months)
QA Engineer
Simple Solutions
Manual testing. Specification writing. UI prototyping

Own projects

Advanced Logger
Open-source isomorphic javascript module for reporting data (logs) to remote log storages like SumoLogic and Loggly with support of different reporting strategies
My Software Development blog (early stage)
It is a powered blog
Hobby blog for my wife
Static website generated by Gatsby JS, backed by Netlify CMS and Github as an identity provider and backend. Also AWS lambda for oAuth via GitHub


2009 - 2011
Master of Science (MSc)
National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute of Ukraine
Mechanical Engineering (Cryogenic technology)
2005 - 2009
Bachelor of Science (BSc)
National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnical Institute of Ukraine
Mechanical Engineering (Cryogenic technology)